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Convert PSD File to HTML with Web Experts | Opstel-IT The generation we’re passing through corresponds to the utilization of the latest technology, which might be the usage of modern features in web design and development, various tools and software, merely amplifying web’s usability, and equipping it as user-friendly as possible. However, the key factor to accomplish all these is to embed first-class coding while developing the website. The conversion from PSD to HTML is the game of coding; nevertheless, it requires professionals with in-depth experience in the web world to do smartly. PSD to HTML Conversion Opstel IT is a reliable web development company whereas it has been serving globally with digital technology, digital services related to e-commerce businesses, and almost all sorts of IT Solutions. Our developers have been associated with website design and development for ages, thus, they manifest an upsurge-level experience to exaggerate a site with substantially amazing features. While converting files from PSD to HTML, there would be several ways to do it such as relevant automated software, hand-coded interaction, front-end development software. Despite automated software doesn’t allow custom HTML code and hand-coded interaction doesn’t provide pixel-perfect conversion, our experts tend to figure out which is more beneficial to expand the results. However, the conversion could be done in various ways according to requirements such as with the use of Software Converter (automated, hand-coded), Front-end Development tools (Adobe Photoshop, CSS Hat, Avocado, PNG Hat, CSS3ps, VS Code, and Sublime Text), Front-end Development Framework, Different Layout Types, and Components of Website Design. We merely prefer converting PSD files to HTML a step- by-step process that consists of the standard strategies in the process. Our Process of Conversion from PSD to HTML will be following- Slice the PSD To convert a PSD file, dividing it into different slices with various layers is considered the first step. By the slices, it improves the loading speed of the HTML pages when it’s converted. As PSD file takes a long time to download, thereby, the sliced version of it makes far faster. Create Directories Our experts create directories according to the requirements to manage essential data in an organized way. Creating the main folder with the website’s name, creating a folder called ‘Images’ under the main folder to store all images, and creating a folder named ‘Styles’ for CSS files under the main folder could be a good examples of directories we create. Write HTML When creating folders and directories is done, it is time to jump on board. We build HTML pages using various page builders like Adobe Dreamweaver and other options like Composer or Amaya. With HTML5, our developers perform sectioning of code like Header, Hero, Slideshow, Content, and Footer in order. Create Style Files After building HTML pages, the most important thing to do is to put some styles into CSS. Using HTML editor, our experts create style files and save them as CSS in the CSS folders. Several styles such as font size, font type, image position, background color, margins, and field set are implemented by us to bring out proper styles. Generate a Web Design Set The very next step we take is we create a set of designs where all the elements are put together. A code editor such as Dreamweaver is used to maintain this coding. While keeping the main elements in the right position, we set body background color and images appropriately. Allow JavaScript Interaction Now it is time to jump on JavaScript, which requires the usage of JQuery and related frameworks like react.js and vue.js. JQuery helps to organize the DOM and put extra functionality to make it more simple to code dynamic front-end in comparison to raw JavaScript. By using JavaScript, we dynamically set data within the HTML Layouts. Make it Responsive The fact that contains the significant importance is to do an effective PSD to responsive HTML conversion. We use various frameworks like Twitter Bootstrap, Less, Foundation, and Fluid Baseline Grid which helps CSS media queries work properly while adding responsive features to a design. Our developers use different CSS screen tags to improve customization and personalize output for each screen. This feature helps the website maximize Search Engine visibility and increase organic traffic to the site. Our company has been providing with Web Design and Development service for a long time and as a consequence, we have the experience and massive research in this field to accomplish the proper acceleration. It could further be asserted that we utterly emphasize unfolding every possible aspect of a project we sign up for as customers’ satisfaction is prioritized over everything.